About Us – Modern Needlepoint & Company, LLC

Welcome to Modern Needlepoint & Company!

From Your Needlepoint Design...

Explore, experiment and play in our design studio to build your favorite design combination

To Perfectly Stitch Printed Needlepoint Canvas

We provide patterns, textures, fonts, coordinating color palettes and graphic overlays in our online templates to let you design bespoke personalized needlepoint canvases.

How it Works

We make it easy for stitchers to add personalization to a canvas design

  1. Choose a design template size
  2. Choose a background design and colorway
  3. Add graphical elements (if available on a particular design)
  4. Type your name, monogram or any text up to the number of characters available on the template sizes.
  5. Re-type your name to add shadowing or other type effects
  6. Select the color for your type to complent or contrast with the design colors
  7. And... you're done!

When you place your order, we'll Pixel Stitch Print™ your design perfectly on Zweigart Mono Deluxe canvas for you to stitch!

Pixel Stitch Printed™ is a trademark of Pixels on Cotton, LLC